Thank you for the flowers!

“With incredible empathy and a high level of professionalism, Rose put a great deal of thought into her role. We are delighted with the results and her wonderful texts are always a pleasure to read. But Rose’s expertise goes much further: she is capable of “visualising” the texts, and in a true synthesis of the arts, she develops a concept for the place where the texts will be used. Superb! Thank you, dear Rose, for the wonderful ideas that we were able to use in the design.”

Ruthhild, Rolf and Frederik Kauls, Kauls & Co.


“We are absolutely thrilled! Many thanks. We will definitely be back!”

Stephanie Becker, Bilendi


“That was a masterpiece – from you and all of us. An excellent job, again!!! Everything arrived on time and was absolutely top quality.”

Patrick Schroth, Zimmermann Editorial


“We would recommend Rose to anyone looking for a reliable, hard-working and meticulous writer for their project.”

Wietse van der Werf, The Black Fish


“We are an international start-up and many of our staff members are English native speakers. We communicate mostly in English within the company. Despite this, we had the feeling that our presentations and other texts were missing that little something. That is why we sought out external help. We greatly prefer our written materials since we have been working with Rose. Her assistance has quickly become indispensable.”

Enver Berisha, GoodsCloud


“Many thanks for the incredible work (again).”


Do you have something I can flick through?

Yes! Just tell me a little bit more about your company, what it is you do and what it is you hope to achieve – preferably by phone or email. Then I can send you an appropriate selection of sample projects from my portfolio either by email or post.

Are these references independent?

Of course! I work exclusively with direct clients and agencies from the marketing industry. Naturally, certain clients have grown on me over the years, because professional collaboration can naturally lead to some interpersonal respect and affinity. All the clients here were more than willing for me to publish their words, and for this I am very grateful – although my gratitude was and is the only reward!

Do you have other clients?

Of course! This is just a tiny selection of my clients with their testimonials. Some clients have strict company rules that prohibit them from providing any testimonials to their cooperation partners. Others have strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements which all external partners must sign, and so I of course never disclose any details regarding our cooperation.  The decision to provide a reference or not is always completely up to my clients.

What do services like this cost?

My clients will happily explain that I provide good value, but I’m afraid I am far from being the cheapest. But that’s not what everyone is looking for, is it? Even so, you’d probably still like to know what sort of costs you need to factor in. No problem! First, let’s get to know each other a little. Then I can be sure to take your exact tastes and requirements into account when I provide you with an appropriate quote for my services. If you don’t currently have all the information I might need to provide a fixed quote, but you’d like to have a fixed fee you can work with, I’d be happy to give you a rough idea and/or give you my hourly rate. Give me a call – that way we can get straight to the point and resolve any questions you may have in no time.