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Securing + speeding up WordPress through .htaccess

By |2nd November, 2015|

Most WordPress users are familiar with brute-force login attacks on their websites. Without proper defence through an appropriate security plugin, this can be a severe drain on your server – even without any person [...]

Change your Twitter handle but KEEP your followers and links

By |15th October, 2015|

Sometimes we outgrow our Twitter handles. I did. At the same time, once we're established, the thought of losing the possible thousands of followers we've already amassed can be quite daunting. Undeterred, I looked into [...]

On faking it

By |8th October, 2015|

CSF firewall to protect against DOS attacks

By |3rd October, 2015|

We all need to ensure our websites are accessible to legitimate visitors, don’t we? That’s why a DOS (denial of service) or DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack can cause such problems. For those who [...]