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What my economics teacher taught about life, marketing, and copywriting

By |29th November, 2017|Categories: Copywriting, Marketing, Observations, Online Marketing|

Me, at 17. What my economics teacher taught me about life, marketing, and copywriting (it’s not what you think!) What was the best advice anyone gave you at 17? You know, [...]

On self-doubt

By |2nd August, 2017|Categories: Observations, Uncategorized|

Self-doubt is a prerequisite to personal growth. The self-satisfied do not self-improve. Anyone we admire probably still feels self-doubt, otherwise they would not be able to maintain any position of achievement that warrants admiration. Conversely, [...]

Change your Twitter handle but KEEP your followers and links

By |15th October, 2015|Categories: Online Marketing, Social Media|

Sometimes we outgrow our Twitter handles. I did. At the same time, once we're established, the thought of losing the possible thousands of followers we've already amassed can be quite daunting. Undeterred, I looked into [...]