How good

are good ideas...

...if they're stuck

in a

What good is it to have created a world-leading innovation if nobody knows it exists?

Not much. And therein lies the problem.

A good idea is still a good idea. But for it to succeed, the rest of the world needs to know about and understand it.

You need more than just a copywriter or generalist commercial writer. You need a specialist. You need a geek. You need me.

  • I can make investors understand your company like I do.

  • I can make customers value your innovation like I do.

  • I can make the press love you like I do.

“That was a masterpiece – from you and all of us. An excellent job, again!!! Everything was punctual and absolutely top quality.”
Patrick Schroth, Zimmermann Editorial
“We would recommend Rose to anyone looking for a reliable, hard-working and meticulous writer for their project.”
Wietse van der Werf, The Black Fish
“We much prefer our text materials since we have been working with Rose. Her assistance has quickly become indispensable.”
Enver Berisha, Goodscloud
“Many thanks for the incredible work (again).”
Kai Hager, FilmFeld
“With incredible empathy and a high level of professionalism, Rose put a great deal of thought into her role. We are delighted with the results and her wonderful texts are always a pleasure to read. But Rose’s expertise goes much further: she is capable of “visualising” the texts, and in a true synthesis of the arts, she develops a concept for the place where the texts will be used. Superb! Thank you, dear Rose, for the wonderful ideas that we were able to use in the design.”
Ruthhild, Rolf und Frederik Kauls, Kauls & Co.
“We are absolutely thrilled! Many thanks. We will definitely be back!”
Stephanie Becker, Bilendi

What I do

tech copywriter Rose Newell

I am Rose Newell

The tech-savvy commercial writer and copywriter you need to get your ideas out of the sandbox.

Why am I so convinced I can help you?

What makes me different to all the other commercial writers and copywriters out there?

The fact I’m one of you.

I’m a geek.


Work with me to get your ideas
the attention you know they deserve.

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