Data security

Good ideas are the first to be copied, so it makes sense to think twice about data security when deciding which third parties you would like to work with.

In order to do a good job, I need to know an awful lot about you, your company, your ambitions, your budding ideas, your overarching strategy, and what you’re currently working on. All that information is incredibly valuable: it allows me to speak with your best voice to your customers and relevant stakeholders, while also offering valuable strategic and market-related insights.

It of course stands to reason that such information is valuable to more than just you and me. That is why many companies have their contractors sign non-disclosure agreements, after all. But what good is a non-disclosure agreement to not talk about something if your contractor’s data security practices are so lapse you are effectively exchanging sensitive information on a postcard?

Given my long-standing academic and professional interest in data security, I have taken great care in ensuring absolutely optimal data security for myself and my clients. My technical expertise means I am also flexible and willing to meet additional requirements when required.

The following care is taken as standard:

  • No confidential project data is stored on any popular cloud server or any other external server unless previously agreed with you.
  • I use OneDrive/SharePoint provided through Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium to send larger files, hosted within the EU and so fully compliant with GDPR.
  • I use a Microsoft Exchange server also hosted within the EU and fully compliant with GDPR.
  • I am familiar with various forms of email and general data encryption (inc. PGP) which can be used upon request (subject to local legislation).
  • I have access to disposable sandbox Linux systems for ultra-secure projects for particularly concerned clients.
  • I personally carry out all repairs to my home-built main PC and the vast majority of repairs to laptops and mobile devices. All storage devices are removed prior to any external repairs, or, when this is not possible, data on such devices is hard-erased.

Please give me a call on +49 (0) 30 4849 5857 if you would like to learn more about how I look after your data or if you would like to discuss your specific needs. This website is fully compliant with all data protection legislation, including GDPR. You can also find more information in my privacy policy.